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AGD Lipiecki - producent artykułów z tworzyw sztucznych

Business cooperation

Our company is willing to cooperate in the production of all types of plastic products. If you need to produce large quantities of plastic items or components, we will gladly undertake such cooperation.

04-840 Warsaw, ul.Drwali 4,
04-965 Warsaw, ul. Zagórzańska 48 B
tel. 507 428 666
tel. 602 353 554

Ladies and Gentlemen,
We are a family company that was founded in 1981. We are producers of high quality household goods.From the beginning, we focus on functionality, the richness of form, design and color of plastics, also on technological solutions and automated production. We are a well-known and respected producer in the industry, which allowed us to gain a strong position on the home appliance market and resulted in building lasting, partner relationships with customers. I share my values to family and employees such as responsibility, diligence, honesty, professionalism, flexible approach to trade, caring for constructive relationships with partners, high standard of customer service, timeliness, and most importantly - respect for both work and other people. I make sure that our goods provide you with a more usefull, pleasant and more comfortable everyday life.

Yours faithfully,
Marek Lipiecki